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                      Photos and Text by Felicia Davey

Let the Sun Shine Through - Rescue Mother Nature

   Most everyone could agree that the weather is a favorite topic of conversation, and the fact that it has become more unpredictable and volatile in recent years.

   The weather affects everything, including agricultural crops, as well as the moods and health of humans and wildlife. Sunshine and Vitamin-D both are needed for healthy plants as well as healthy bodies and bones. That clear deep-blue sky with the sun shining down is a sure-sign of a mighty fine day.

   All citizens are aware of the scourge of commercial polluters

who have not been properly reined-in by governments world-wide, and who are the cause of perceived climate warming.

   However, citizens may know less about the aluminum- oxide/sulfide aerosol sprayings into the atmosphere conducted by U.S. scientists, Weather Modification/Mitigation Programs, with the assistance of the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Army. 

Several websites that will inform further:







   It is imperative that fellow citizens educate themselves, and speak out, in this regard. Contact 

   It is reported that the purpose of such sprayings is to “reduce the sunlight reaching Earth.” The harmful particulates in these aerosol sprayings land in waterways, on pristine crops, in addition to the lungs of wildlife and humans. This is a form of major pollution, and a danger to all living organisms.

   How does this square with the health-care bill just passed whereby all citizens are forced to pay private insurance companies or be fined, while at the same time the U.S. government is conducting a major pollution operation on its own citizens by these Weather Modification/Mitigation Programs that have and continue to affect everyone’s health in a negative way?  

   Further, how does this square with the upcoming U.S. Senate hearings on climate warming and the carbon credits to be doled out to major industrial polluters rather than stopping the polluters from polluting? Visit 

to see how some will profit.

    It seems, from the evidence, that the U.S. is one of the  major polluters and contributing to the destabilization of world-wide weather patterns, as well as the general well being of all, with these Weather Modification/Mitigation Programs. A correction is in order.

These Weather Modification/Mitigation Programs - that have been going on for many years and do not seem to have government oversight, but have had government approval - must be stopped. Fellow citizens are urged to speak-up against these irrational programs.

   U.S. Senate Bill S601 initiated by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson must not be allowed to pass, or if it does, it

must be repealed. Search for U.S. Senate Bill S601 at ; in addition to U.S. Senate Bill 517;

U.S. Senate Bill 1807; U.S. Senate Bill 2995; and search for H.R. 2977, or go to where there are links.

   Research must be done as to legislation passed in past years, initiated by and voted for, by whom, to allow such experiments to be conducted. This is unacceptable legislation.

   Citizens are urged to contact their federal and local legislators to stop this madness: ; ; and

    News of this troubling activity was first heard on two morning radio programs on WBAI, 99.5 FM, Bonnie Faulkner’s “Guns and Butter, and Geoff Brady’s “In Other News,” when Rosalind Peterson was interviewed before and after the Asilomar Geo-Engineering Conference in Monterey, California, March 22 to March 26, 2010. For more information about the conference, a Yahoo search will be helpful.

   Also visit and search for the March 31, 2010 article written by Michael Mechanic titled “Climate Hacking 101.”  The Christian Science Monitor,   published “How to plan better for New England floods,” written by Peter N. Spotts on April 3, 2010,

describing some of the current weather conditions.

   At this point, this citizen needs to include Monsanto, with its proliferation of genetically modified seeds, as a major commercial polluter. Organic and sustainable agriculture is the only acceptable path to good health and well-being for all creatures of this world. It has been reported in that honey bees have perished from Monsanto’s genetically modified plants and other products. For more information about the importance of honey bees, visit  .


   We certainly don’t want to face a “Silent Spring,” as titled by Rachel Carson in her well known book, # 632.9 C321 S. in the public libraries. The Rachel Carson Council’ website is   Also, for heirloom seeds, visit  These heirloom seeds may be saved from year to year, unlike Monsanto’s. Acres U.S.A., , has published many articles on this subject.

   Wealthy individuals contemplating starting large commercial farms on land in blighted cities in the United States are urged to be mindful of the sanctity of the Earth, and the importance of taking the high-road and plant only organic and sustainable crops, upon which the full, strong, sunlight will shine along with the correct amount of rainfall that will irrigate, and then all will flourish.       

     It is now time to renew efforts to stop the Weather Modification Programs that are creating havoc on our planet. It is probable that the aluminum oxide/sulphide aerosol sprayings of these programs - that have been going on for many years - caused Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana;

the dried-out tree conditions that lead to wildfires such as in California, Russia, and other places; the earthquake in Haiti; the floods in Pakistan; the tornados that toppled weakened trees from the aluminum oxide/sulphide aerosol sprayings in Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island in New York in late September 2010; indicating that these on-going toxic aerosol sprayings of these Weather Modification Programs are taking their toll; are dangerous and should be, and must be, stopped. 

     This citizen noticed the planes spraying heavily the day after the tornados, against the clear blue sky, the days following have been windy, rainy with sickly grayish-white skies.

     Elected officials have been silent on this subject.

Citizens are urged to contact their legislators in this regard, and demand the stop to these harmful aerosol sprayings.  


     On September 30, 2010 Terrence McNally of Free Forum on WBAI/Pacifica Radio had guests from two important organizations; Ken Ausubel of  who has a  “Revolution from the Heart of Nature” conference in San Raphael, California from October 14 to 18, 2010 about how to save the natural resources of the earth; and Tom Linzey of The Community Environment Legal Defense Fund, , who teaches citizens to draft laws that will create the positive changes needed, and will be a guest speaker at the “Earth at Risk” conference in San Francisco, October 16, 2010.


      The Winter 2011 issue of Living Bird, published by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, arrived in the mail. Reading through the articles, this citizen was horrified to read Hugh Powell’s ScienceScope column titled “The Case of the Bizarre Beaks,” about an “ailment that causes the beaks of Black-capped Chickadees, Red-tailed Hawks, Northwestern Crows, and 28 other species, to grow elongated and grossly deformed.”  “Everything points to environmental contamination, states Carolyn Van Hemert, a University of Alaska graduate student, and U.S. Geological Survey employee. She encourages anyone who sees a deformed bird anywhere to report it to the USGS website at: “  Also visit:

and to report:  

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington


   This 1939 Frank Capra film is highly entertaining, as well as informative. Search the internet for clips, or find the DVD. It needs to be viewed often.

   Hopefully, all the Mr. and Ms. Smith’s from every state in our nation will be inspired, and will run in upcoming United States Senate and United States House of Representatives elections against incumbents who do not serve on behalf of their constituents. The same applies to state legislators.    

Principles of Parliamentary Law by Alice Sturgis

   “Parliamentary rules exist to facilitate the transaction of business and to promote cooperation and harmony.  Parliamentary Law is intended to help organizations conduct their business and carry out their aims.  It has only one great purpose - to facilitate getting things done.  It is not intended to confuse or to confound individuals or to obstruct the carrying out of the majority’s will.

   The principles of procedure are often more important than the minutiae of rules.  A too technical insistence on the observance of every small point is a misuse of the procedure.  Technicalities should not be used merely for their own sake.  Some meetings require the strict application of technical rules,

others can proceed quite informally. Some situations, likewise, require strictness of application, while others do not.  The presiding officer should be the best judge of these varying needs.

    ... The vote of the majority decides.

    ... The minority has rights which must be protected.

    ... Those to whom power is delegated must be chosen by democratic processes...  A self-appointed officer or a self-perpetuating board would violate the rights of members

    --- The presiding officer should be strictly impartial.

   Importance of Basic Principles.  At first reading, these basic principles may seem almost self-evident.  Like the principles on which democracies are based, they are so simple and familiar that we sometimes fail to recognize their importance.  Yet as basic democratic principles they serve as a foundation

on which the frame-work of group procedure is built.  Anyone who desires to understand the fundamentals by which people work successfully in groups will do well to read and reread these fundamental principles of Parliamentary Law.”


   The above statements are from the 1950 book of “Standard Code of  Parliamentary Procedure” by Alice F. Sturgis, published by McGraw Hill. The latest edition was revised in 1988 by the   American Institute of Parliamentarians,

   When the Parliamentary drama in the New York State

Senate, , erupted on June 8, 2009, this former student of Parliamentary Law and Procedure was astounded.  It will be interesting to see how matters progress, and if the good Senators are able to continue working successfully on behalf of their constituents. 

    Additional information has been received via Denise Civiletti’s Editorial in a subscription hard-copy of The Suffolk Times June 11, 2009 edition. Ms. Civiletti viewed “raw video on the Albany Times Union’s blog for June 8, 2009:  The Democratic leadership...resisted calling a vote on the motion to replace Majority Leader Malcolm Smith as the Senate’s president pro tem...then the Dems refused to announce the result of the vote...Mr. Smith later put it, they ‘gaveled out’ the meeting... the motion to adjourn, though made and seconded, was never voted upon...after banging the gavel, Mr. Smith, with 29 Democrats filing out behind him, marched out of the Senate chamber, killing the mikes and the lights as they left.”  One wonders where the Senate’s Parliamentarian was at this crucial time, while the dissidents reportedly continued to make decisions.    

   Another active Parliamentary group to consult with is The National Association of Parliamentarians,

    In addition to Alice Sturgis, several other Parliamentary authorities whose books could be found in one’s public library, or local bookstore, are George Demeter, Henry M. Robert,  Floyd M. Riddick, and Miriam H. Butcher.

    Look for the book from the Parliamentarian Emeritus of the United States Senate, “Riddick’s Rules of Procedure,” written by Floyd M. Riddick and Miriam H. Butcher.

Rescue the Mohawk Nation and All Indigenous People

   Heard on the morning of June 4, 2009, WBAI Radio’s ‘First Voices Indigenous Radio,’ hosted by Tiokasin Ghosthorse, ,that the people of the Mohawk Nation in Canada are being threatened by Canadian and American entities. Their lands, and food sources, are in danger of being confiscated. Kahentinetha Horn, editor of  Mohawk Nation News, , was interviewed. Citizens are urged to contact their federal and local legislators in this regard: and/or call 202 456-1111;; ; ; ; ; ; ;  

   Search for Doug George-Kanentiio’s article in the June 6, 2009 edition of the Ottawa Citizen,

titled, “Redraw the Border.”

     For general information, visit , and

     Buffy Sainte-Marie was a guest on on October 12, 2009, ; ; 

Durban Review Conference in Geneva, 20-24 April 2009

  Citizens may learn directly from the United Nations’ website, click on ‘conferences and events,’ at , about the important humanitarian issues being discussed at this conference. The complete, original, Durban Declaration may be read in its entirety. If one could visit, the trip would be beneficial.

   Heard on WBAI Radio, 99.5 FM, April 21, 2009, Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone, , reported the extensive exploitation of the Somali people by European entities who dump toxic waste on the Somali coastlines.  The entire report will appear on the Taking Aim website with the title of “The Real Piracy in Somalia.” This is an important issue that needs to be, and may be, discussed at the Durban Review Conference.


   This subject has been reported by many other sources since the 1990s: search on Yahoo for “Toxic waste dumping on Somalia coastlines.”  

   With news of the young Somali accused of piracy, recently captured, to be tried in New York with defense attorneys being provided, and hearing Mimi Rosenberg on WBAI the

morning of April 22, 2009, interviewing Virginia Sloan, the founder of the Constitution Project, , it may be timely to go over this important information. 


   Esther Armah, hosting WBAI’s Wake Up Call, on April 23, 2009, spoke to an attendee of the Durban II Conference in Geneva. Progress is being made.

    Currently, Ibrahim Gonzalez is the host of the Friday   

morning segment that focuses on the plight of indigenous

people everywhere. 


    Mario Murillo hosted WBAI’s Wake Up Call on Friday mornings before he left to teach at Hofstra University, and is now the chairman of the Communications Department for the Radio & Television School.

    The Durban conferences are meant to bring the leaders of the world together to protect the civil and human rights of all indigenous people of the world. Citizens need to write to, and otherwise contact, their legislative leaders directly in this regard.



Preparing for a New Day

    Morning rituals are individually personalized to prepare for the day ahead.  On Saturday mornings, Simon Loekle’s literary commentary, “As I Please,” on WBAI Radio, 99.5 FM, from 7- 8:30 a.m., often strikes the right note. On April 17, 2010, Mr. Loekle  was reading and discussing Mark Twain’s views on the world. Tune-in .

    Simon Loekle begins his monthly program at 7:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of each month at the Swift Hibernian Lounge at 34 East 4th Street, between Lafayette and Bowery.

The telephone at the Swift is 212 227-9438.

     On David Rothenberg’s Saturday morning program beginning at 8:30 a.m on WBAI, listeners often hear important discussions about race relations and racial profiling in the United States, along with “music, politics, arts, theater, sports, and social commentary.” Mr. Rothenberg is also the person to go to for theater tickets.

    In addition to a pot of black coffee, physical, , and spiritual exercises of one’s choice, one does check the national and world news, on the radio and the laptop, to learn of new challenges facing the brave people of this world. The Spirit within helps one to cope.

    Prayers unite: .  

    Chris Whent’s “Here of a Sunday Morning,” , comprised of “early classical music” on , as well as the earlier broadcast of  “Through the Opera Glass,” is a fine beginning to this day.

     Springtime urges one to leave home early to join the many nature walks around the city.  If one wishes to join a guided group, the New York Historical Society mentions in their events catalog: Bird-watching Walks in the Ramble in Central Park Saturday April 21, 2012, 9:00 a.m. and Saturday, May 12, 2012.  Tickets may be purchased by phoning Smart Tix  212 868-4444.

     Independent outings offer more flexibility and springtime offers a glorious opportunity to enjoy nature.         

Washington D.C. in the Spring       


   Time to plan for the Georgetown House Tour, , that usually takes place the last Saturday and Sunday of April, followed by a few days of visiting legislators.

    Frequent visits to Washington, D.C. and speaking to legislators about concerns is, of course, strongly urged.

                                         - - -


   As we recall, on November 4, 2008 the majority of informed citizens of the United States of America enthusiastically elected Senator Barack Obama as their 44th President, and he took office on January 20, 2009.

    Now, these same informed citizens must continue lobbying their president, their elected representatives in congress, and on the state and local level, in regard to the issues that are concerning all citizens at this time.

    At the top of the problem-list is the failure of the banks, private equity firms, and mortgage banks and brokers to regulate from within, and the need to re-regulate and establish the safeguards that were removed by previous administrations. 

    There also seems to be a need to audit the Federal Reserve, , the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, ,  the World Bank, , and the International Monetary Fund, , so that these entities are able to actually do what is set forth in their idealistic mission statements.

   Citizens need to persuade their legislators to make the tax laws more equitable, ; ban the use of derivatives/credit default swaps; ban hedge funds; ban short-share selling; prohibit pension managers from investing in hedge funds; stop the rise of homeowners’ property taxes, reduce excessive property  taxes, cap at low property tax rates, and find a new way to fund schools and public education; use all the now vacant foreclosed housing, throughout the United Sates, for individuals who are now homeless or otherwise in need of housing if they are willing to maintain and/or renovate the housing and make the housing available for a low price - ideally that $1.00 selling price that is offered to some developers - rather than construct new buildings; renegotiate mortgage loan terms with homeowners who are now having problems paying their mortgages and are facing foreclosure; mandate that insurance companies - health and otherwise - drastically lower their fees; repeal the Urstadt Law in New York State, now that the Democrats are once again the majority in the New York State Senate after forty three years; roll back residential and commercial rents in New York, and cap the rents; create and maintain a humane and healthy program to keep homeless people in clean community bed-and-meal shelters with shower and laundering facilities for use each day; make the changes needed in order to create peace and equity between Israel and Palestine; globally ban the use of nuclear power for domestic as well as military purposes - nuclear waste is impossible to contain safely, and militarily, or accidentally, it is a threat to all life on this planet - no country in the world needs nor should have nuclear power; work with and support the United Nations in its efforts to help the struggling citizens of the African countries who are in need of food, shelter, education, civil and human rights; a global Ethics refresher course seems to be a good way to start the new year for citizens as well as new federal appointees and legislators in all countries around the world; advocate cleaning-up the U.S. as well as the global carbon, water, or any other environmental footprint, and join all other concerned countries in Copenhagen for the United Nations Climate Change Conference December 7 to 18, 2009, in the spirit of full cooperation; bring our veterans home and treat them well when they return. Visit New York’s branch of the Peace and Justice organization, . This is the short list, and a  good start.    

    In preparation for the letter writing, visit the website of United for a Fair Economy, ; search for and read the New York Times article “Wall Street Lied to its Computers,” visit a website mentioned by Ralph Nader, March 18, 2009, on Democracy Now: ; learn from the Sierra Club how its members work vigorously to correct environmental problems such as oil spills, and coal mining operations, and much more, ; visit former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s     guiding website ,as reported in the New York Times, March 22, 2009, magazine section.  

    Regarding Health Insurance, the Single-Payer method is the most efficient and least costly to individuals. Many advocates were speaking on Wednesday, March 11, 2009. Visit the new website of . Fellow citizens are urged to lobby  federal and local legislators directly by telephone calls and visits to their offices, in addition to letter writing, in order to  make certain ‘Single-Payer’ is placed ‘on the table’ in Washington, D.C.

                                         - - -  

December 7 to 18, 2009 in Copenhagen for the United Nations Climate Change Conference,

   As reported in a September 20, 2009 New York Times’

article, “Denmark’s environment minister, Connie Hedegaard,

will be the president and chair of the climate meeting,” , December 7-18, 2009

  The Sierra Club suggests “atmospheric carbon be reduced  from 389 parts per million to below 350 in order to prevent catastrophic social, economic and environmental crisis.” 

    Others argue it must be reduced much more.

    Unfortunately, the results of the conference were disappointing.

    Bolivia - The World Peoples’ Summit on Climate Change, April 20 - 23, 2010, is there.  Visit the website and witness Amy Goodman’s April 20, 2010 discussion with Pat Mooney about Climate Modification/Mitigation Programs and the renewed peddling of Terminator Seeds - Monsanto’s - plus

much more.  

     There are reports of a December 2010 Climate Conference in Mexico - rumors say it is doomed to failure the same as Copenhagen because of the industrial obstructionists. The polluters must be reigned-in by our

legislators, and the pollution must stop.


    Contact the President at 202 456-1111, and ; your Senator at ;

and your Representative at   Fellow citizens need voice their concerns.

                                               - - -

In Response to Israel’s Attacks on Gaza

   On December 30, 2008, it was reported on France 24

Television that the European Union is determined to solve this long-standing problem.

   There were public protests in New York and around the world. Charles Barron, a New York City Councilman, , held a press conference on the steps of City Hall in protest.

   In order for citizens to write eloquently to the president, the vice president, , and congressional leaders in this regard,  and , historical background information is needed. There is plentiful material on the Internet. Offered here are just a few authorities on the subject  who will provide the facts:  

Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States of America, published his latest book in January 2009, titled “We Can Have Peace In The Holy Land - A Plan That Will Work.”

Israel Continues Assaults

    On May 31, 2010, Israeli troops attacked Turkish ships carrying goods to aid Palestinians in Gaza.


    Fellow citizens are urged to speak-up against such criminal actions by Israel. These inequities must not be allowed to continue.


    Contact:,  and  

The Urstadt Law

    Reflecting back on 2008, a year that has passed too swiftly, this New Yorker remembers many letters being written and sent to legislators, and other concerned citizens, at the start of this year in an effort to repeal “The Urstadt Law,” which “gives Albany control over rent and housing regulations, rather than leaving those decisions to the various localities.”

   “Charles Urstadt was Governor Nelson Rockefeller’s Housing Commissioner. He created the law which deregulated rents and allowed for future escalations. The law passed in 1971.“  One may read the law in Chapter 372 of the New York State Laws of 1971 at the Research Library at Madison Avenue and 34th Street. Chapter 371  pertains to the vacancy-decontrol provision. This information was found on, in an article written by Kenny Schaeffer,  titled “End Rocky’s Horror, Repeal Urstadt Law.”

   Housing Here and Now, ,

is active in this regard and traveled to Albany February 14, 2009  to persuade Senators of the importance of the changes. Check their blog for updates.

   Tenants and Neighbors have also been active in this regard

for many years, .

   When one searches the Internet for the Urstadt Law, there will be listed many other grassroots lobbying groups involved in the repeal effort. 

    Now is the time to begin writing letters again. The Rent Guidelines Board, members of which are appointed by the New York City Mayor, usually hold their first public meeting around March 25th. The New York Times, October 6, 2008, article titled “Mortgage Crisis is Foreseen in Housing Owned by Private Equity Firms,” reconfirms the fact that there is no time to waste in the struggle to maintain a safe home. (Search the title of article, and select the East Harlem Preservation. org. that archived the article in its entirety.)

   “Rents should not be controlled by the market,” was a statement made by a Columbia University economics professor during a housing conference held at Columbia University last year, and this citizen agrees.                                                             

     The schedule for Public Meetings of the New York City Rent Guidelines Board for 2011 may be found at:                                                        .  Click on “About us.”


    Contacting state legislators at this time is important: ; ; ; and city government officials: ; and .

   On January 13, 2009, the New York Times published a troubling article about the magnificent Apthorp apartment building on the upper Westside that has been purchased by a group of investors who are evicting long-time tenants:


   It was reported in the New York Times on February 3, 2009 that the New York State Assembly passed rent regulation revisions:  including repealing the Urstadt Law. 

   The New York State Senate must act now to do the same. Letters in the form of e-mails, posted letters, and phone calls from citizens, need be sent and/or directed to Senator Malcolm A. Smith, the Democratic Majority Leader, and other State Senators, to urge them to act now without delay, so that these changes go into effect immediately.  To see where your State Senator stands, visit , and contact your Senator, .     

   Bulletin on June 8, 2009 from The New York Times,

“Republicans Regain Control of New York State Senate,”



    Reports of the efforts to prevent gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale field near reservoirs in the Catskills should be on television news daily in October 2009 as Governor Paterson makes his decision. Write to the Governor at  and urge him to stop the plans for drilling as it will destroy the pure drinking water and the agricultural land of New York. Please also write to other legislators: ;  ;  ; also visit          

Water and Sewer Rates in New York City

   The following links will inform as to our vast reliance on pure water; the need to keep water available and affordable to all and controlled/managed by local (American) public authorities; as well as the entities in charge of this enormous and difficult job, who are also responsible for the rapid escalation of water and sewer rates, along with suggestions for a remedy:

Water Privatization/Foreign Investment/Ownership in U.S.A. and Elsewhere

Note: United Water is reported to be the company in control of the Water Supply System in Ridgefield, New Jersey, where the Water Main break occurred on or about April 12, 2009. United Water previously operated in Atlanta, Georgia, according to the Public Citizen’ report of ‘Water Fiascos,’ as linked above.


His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

   On a sunny Saturday in April 2008, many Roman Catholic groups, as well as individuals, traveled to Manhattan from afar to line both sides of upper Fifth Avenue along Central Park to greet Pope Benedict as he passed by in his Pope-mobile.

    It didn’t matter if one disagreed with some part of the Vatican rules, or was concerned about the recent scandalous revelations about priests molesting children, and the expensive lawsuits draining the financial resources of the Vatican. It didn’t matter that churches were being closed throughout the country because of dwindling attendance. All who traveled to see Pope Benedict were there in good faith. Pope Benedict continued to charm all who saw his energetic persona, and heard him speak at length on television. Many of the faithful followed the Pontiff’s activities during his visit to New York, and prayed for his success, as well as the Church.

    Obviously, when parishioners have concerns or believe Church rules need to be changed, there is no legislator to write to in this regard. There is separation between Church and State. The only individuals to write to are the Catholic Church leaders, starting with the Pope, or perhaps local priests, bishops or cardinals. Clearly, the issue of women becoming priests needs to be revisited, and seriously considered for acceptance, so that congregants, old and young, will have hope that their life-long strong beliefs have not been in vain, and that their Catholic Church will rise above these turbulent times. Women will excel as priests, and will 

inspire more people to join the Church. 

    The National Coalition of American Nuns is one of many groups working to change the Vatican rules.  could be of interest.

    Also, a must visit is

and .


    On her November 20, 2008 program Democracy Now, Amy Goodman interviewed the Maryknoll priest, Reverend Roy Bourgeois, who is facing excommunication because he was  present at a woman’s ordination.                                                


    Visit  for more in-depth reporting on , 99.5 FM Pacifica Radio. 

Workers Without Rights


    May Day in Union Square brought out Peace and Justice members, , the local branch of , marching against the war, along with many unaffiliated citizens bringing the plight of undocumented/illegal workers once again to the attention of New Yorkers.

   Most undocumented individuals are in this country looking for work. They can be found by contractors on many street corners waiting for an offer of a day’s work. When work is found, it is usually low paying, without protections or documentation. Often workers are paid in cash.


    Construction contractors, and other types of employers, who seek out undocumented workers are subject to fines, if discovered. Individuals who seek illegals for work to be done for them are themselves not reputable. The illegal worker will be underpaid and may possibly be exposed to hazardous-to- their-health work conditions. The general public is affected because the work being done may not result or be up to the high standards of a legal/unionized work site.

   There was a New York Times article recently about a contractor posing as a licensed owner of a construction company who hired inexperienced, undocumented, workers with the result of a serious accident on the construction site.      

   What can be done? For starters, here in New York, City officials could visit these street corners where the illegals gather and start making a list of these individuals who wish to become citizens; who wish to do an honest day’s work for an honest, documented, full-wage for the day.


    New York City officials could then help these same undocumented workers become documented, and become  properly trained on Union jobs. The best way to learn is on the job. This could be a solution to the problem.    


Sunchokes  a.k.a.  Jerusalem Artichokes

   While in Union Square, a visit to the Farmers Market is always in order. The search for the elusive tuber/vegetable sunchoke (formerly known as the Jerusalem artichoke - no relation to either) goes on. Ordering the seeds from  may be the solution. If anyone knows where fully grown sunchokes may be purchased right now, please contact:   and refer to this citizen site.

   Edgar Cayce, , wrote that “one small Jerusalem artichoke (sunchoke) consumed with a meal, one time cooked and one time raw, at least twice a week- but not too often because it is powerful - would create beneficial digestive improvements relieving pressure on the pancreas. Thus, would prevent and improve such physical problems. The vegetable also benefits diabetic conditions.”  

    Many Edgar Cayce’s recommended holistic health products may be obtained at or 1 800-269-2502, and delivery will be prompt.


   Baar came through with Jerusalem Artichoke Flour (JAF) offering it in their Early 2010 Spring Catalog as #5002 in a 12 oz. jar. The package arrived shortly after ordering by mail. Thank you to the Baar family.

    Also, thanks to whomever sent the 2010 Jung Seeds and Plants Catalog that offers Jerusalem Artichoke tubers by the pound, #04524.  Telephone 1-800-247-5864 or  visit 

Farms Nearby  

    In T. Christopher Cornell’s column, in the December 2008 edition of the Catholic Worker newspaper, he reports that the crops on the upstate Peter Maurin Farm were poor in 2008 due to inclement weather.  He is coordinating efforts with neighboring farmers to insure better results in 2009.

   Mark Adams’ column in the Taconic Weekend Magazine

for December 11, 2008 focuses on the Fishkill Farms 

    The Queens County Farm Museum,

     Visit the Northeast Organic Farmers Association .  Further searching for farms in Suffolk County, New York, will result in a long list of working farms to visit,

specifically look for Suffolk County Farm and (Cornell) Education Center.  


     When in New Paltz, visit

     The Adirondack region offers   


   The Litchfield County Times has written about great

farms in Connecticut:  and

    More Farmers Markets to visit:        


    Read Acres U.S.A.,  

    Further away, in England, a trip to an organic farm owned by Prince Charles, formally known as HRH The Prince of Wales, could be inspiring,                                           

   When in Ireland,

    On January 12, 2009, a visit to the Union Square Farmers Market space found huge fenced-in construction sites.

Time will tell the results. In the meantime, the ‘more markets’ list above will be useful as to where to obtain fresh farm produce.        

                                             - - -


   Uptown, Downtown, Eastside, Westside, all around town, there’s always something going on, or tumbling down, or being built, up, up, up!  One must make the rounds often or else one day returning to a once familiar neighborhood one will find big changes. Stores close, new ones open, but they do not stay open for as long as the old ones because of the ever escalating rents. It is hard for a new small business to make a foothold.  Many mom-and-pop stores are now only a fond memory. The new tenants will try to pay the high rents by charging their customers high prices for their wares, and then have to move out and on. There is no time to connect with the community. Citizens are encouraged to lobby their State and City legislators for rent-regulation and rent-control for commercial as well as residential rental properties.

   Willner Chemists,,  have managed to thrive in their location at 41st Street and Park Avenue. Their vast stock of supplements, oils, and ointments fill the needs of shoppers who have otherwise lost hope of finding a certain product. Norwegian cod liver oil is in stock.

   Columbia University is one respected institution that often throws its doors open in an effort to connect with the community, with social and educational forums throughout the year. Target sponsored a Children’s Book Fair on the campus recently.  

   There is a large redevelopment project planned for the Columbia University area. The informed citizens in that community are actively lobbying in that regard. Individual citizens are the ones who will finally determine the success or not of such project.

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.


   Legislators, duly-elected legislators, who are deeply concerned about the people of their own community and who will fight for their constituents, without fear, are in short supply these days. In the past there have been many outspoken community activist leaders, but what places Adam Powell at the top of the list of great leaders/legislators is that when he was elected to the United States House of Representatives, he did not just “go along to get along.” He worked around the bureaucratic quaqmire and did an outstanding job - like none other. 

   Many a community meeting is held at 163 West 125th Street in Harlem, also known as the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office Building.


    Books about this highly productive Congressman, from 1944 to 1971, who fought for desegregation, and civil rights for all people; who became the Chairman of the House Committee on Education and Labor that produced sixty major bills; who before that was the minister of the Abyssinian Baptist Church, as his father before him, may be found at the public library, Amazon, or your local bookstore:     

“Adam  Clayton Powell, Jr.- The Political Biography of an American Dilemma,” by Charles V. Hamilton

ISBN 0-689-12062-1

“Adam Clayton Powell - Portrait of a Marching Black,”

by James Haskins

ISBN 0-8037-809-8

“Adam by Adam.” by Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

ISBN 0-7582-0195-8

   There is much good for which to credit Congressman Powell, but this citizen is most impressed with his organization, efficiency, ability to delegate for maximum success; and for his recognized “persistence” for getting positive results for his community, and as a result for all citizens of the United States of America. 

   On November 29, 2008, Adam Powell’s 100th birthday was celebrated at the Schomburg Center for Research and Black Culture, a branch of .      


   The auditorium was filled to capacity with old friends and admirers. For more information, search the Internet for the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Memorial Committee.

Joys of New York City

   Through the years, the appeal of New York City’s fabulousness never diminishes. Exploration of the Metropolitan Museum of Art seems never completed, ; springtime in New York rivals all others; New York City window shopping is the best, on Madison Avenue, ; on Fifth Avenue, ; ; ; , and all the little out-of-the-way places; there is always something interesting at 170 Central Park West in the magnificent New York Historical Society building, ; see what is happening at Lincoln Center,, a rest-stop in Central Park; acquiring skills at the Apple Stores; working out at the Parks and Recreation Centers;

dipping into the herb-filled bins at the Aphrodisia Herb Shoppe located at 264 Bleecker Street, 

... but when we went there April 19, 2010 the Aphrodisia Herb Shoppe was closed. The windows were covered, and our lovely friend, the proprietor, Joanne, was not available to greet us in her usual friendly manner.

   The fellow in the bookstore next door told us “she lost her lease.”

   One of the other herb seekers suggested another herb shop on 13th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenue known as Integral Natural Apothecary at 234 West 13th Street. We’ll try it, but it won’t be the same as visiting Joanne at her Aphrodisia Herb Shoppe on Bleecker Street. And, she should know we will miss her and wish her only the best in all her future endeavors.

Note: In October 2010, an Herb Source Catalog from arrived in the mail. Their products and service are excellent;

needing a lift, we step across the street to Rocco’s

onward to  enjoy jazz at ; brush up on footwork at ; finding all the great shopping opportunities on West 34th Street, led by ; visiting the Chelsea Piers; rediscovering many preserved architectural and landscaping wonders; after shopping at at 504 Broadway in Soho, seeing a movie at ; all part of a great day in New York City.


    As one ambled through the neighborhoods, one may have noticed for many years the empty storefront of the William Gottlieb apartment building at 53rd Street and First Avenue that was once the Mayfair Restaurant. There is now a sign

indicating that a new business will open soon. Perhaps the building has been sold.

    In late December 2010, this ambler noticed that Kumon, the after-school math and reading enrichment program, had moved in, and may be reached at 646-202- 0536. The address of the street-level space is 954 1st Avenue.

Books - Television - Movies

   -  “Leap of Faith - Memoirs of an Unexpected Life,”

written by Her Majesty Queen Noor Al-Hussein,, is an inspiring read.  A while back, Queen Noor was interviewed by John McLaughlin on his “One on One” television program aired on PBS, and she expressed ideas full of wisdom that will be helpful to the world community.   

   -  “Call Me Ted,” written by Ted Turner, the founder of the Cable News Network,, and Turner Classic Movies,, is instructive, as well as inspiring. 

   Ted Turner, as many other citizens, is turned-off by the violence  of so many of the evening programs offered on television.

   The F.C.C. , , and legislative leaders around the country must be aware of the vast wasteland of poverty facing many of the young people in our country in 2010 . With their hometowns abandoned and demolished during the past decades, and with many industrialists/employers shipping jobs out of the country just because the industrialists/employers do not wish to pay anyone a living wage no matter how much money they themselves make, a large number of the youth in the United States have become violent and very dangerous. It is very sad to think that these young people are throwing away their lives. They feel and think they have nothing, and nothing to lose.

   What has so negatively influenced these young ones? One can think of the CSI, NCIS, Law and Order, and the 24 series on Television. Some of these programs are being discontinued, but the damage is done. Personal care, ethical mentoring, broad world-education for these young people - and adults - is needed and should be delivered by governing entities.

   Television and Movies/Theatrical Films are part of this educational mix and need to provide the required education and mentoring.

   Television and Movies/Theatrical Films could help improve and solve the world’s problems. Contact to encourage this new programming. Constructive story-lines are desired by many citizens/viewers.

New Story-Lines

   How about a story-line about the downside of drug use and/or drug dealing...about legislators who loosen drug laws as a means to keep a certain segment of society forever brain-dead... and how - somehow - one or two of these drug users and dealers realize that this is the great plot to keep them forever down and out... and how they overcome these great

odds, clean-up their act, and become healthy, successful, solid citizens, and then try to prevent others from falling into the same trap.  Now, that’s a great story, and this citizen would pay to see it in a theatre, or would be very sorry to miss it if it should become a series on television. 

   Also, an investigative NEWS/documentary report about the prevalence of drug use in certain businesses would also be informative. And how this drug use instils a cavalier attitude  on the thinking process of the user that further influences what should be serious and sober business decisions that will, and do, affect many other people. Liquor/wine/beer use could be viewed  as a similar problem, and creates the same cavalier attitude. This is not a sweet subject, but it is out there. 

  What would television news programs offer if newspapers stopped publishing in every form?  Television Networks could start planning to do their own investigations and report the results rather than just repeating newspaper contents.

Television and Movie/Theatrical Film producers and directors could get some ideas from where film is used to improve world social conditions,  and on a daily basis from , where news of ‘cultures’ was aired.

  Television viewers would also be interested in what the S.E.C., , is doing about the “flash orders” programmed into financial data terminals (computer software.)

   Viewers/citizens always thought such financial inside “flash” information to one group of individuals, before it was available to the general public, is considered “insider trading,” and illegal. This is a big story - and untouched by the television news programs.

    Viewers will also be interested to hear many investigative reports on the Weather Modification/Mitigation Programs being conducted, and the plans to stop them.


    Also, Broadband Providers seem to be slowing down the transmission of television video programs in the United States. Or is it because of the poor video quality - lots of stops and long stalls in video transmission - offered by the U. S. Networks? 

   This turns many potential viewers away from television offerings, and drives up consumers’ monthly Broadband access costs. This is another important story, and a solution to the problem would be good. Fellow  citizens are urged to contact the Federal Communications Commission in this regard,

    However, a positive improvement in speed and reception may be  attained by using Verizon’s 4G modem/router, as discovered by this citizen in March 2011. 

   Any main-stream television Reports on the U.S.Social Forum 2010 in Detroit, Michigan, June 22-27?  Interviews and reports may be viewed on  and 


    What’s new at:

    CBS 2 Television, and  

    NBC 4 Television, and .

    Fox 5 Television,  and .

    ABC 7 Television, and

    WWOR 9 Television, 

    WPIX 11 Television, , has excellent morning news programming.

   WNET 13 PBS Television,  and 


                                                - - -

    Regarding New York City term limits. New York City voters voted twice for term limits, Mike Bloomberg disregarded those votes and insisted on extending term limits against the voters’ will, and many in the City Council followed his lead, and now want a third term for themselves. This is clearly not correct, nor fair. And, Mr. Bloomberg’s money is playing much too big a part in this entire process. Also, the voters - even Republicans -  are at a disadvantage, because no other Republican is competing for the office of Mayor. The republican party machine, just as the democratic party machine - the various political club houses - are trying to, or have, shut-out excellent mayoral candidates, as well as candidates for other offices. 

   For a moment, getting off the subject of New York City, we see at this time the political turmoil in the New York State Senate in Albany, with the setting aside of parliamentary principles, law and procedure, and with voting taking place after a session has been adjourned.  How could this be right?   All this allegedly orchestrated by upstate billionaire Tom Golisano who is not an elected legislator. Here again, money playing too big a role, and in the wrong way. 

   Citizens need to speak-up and actively lobby for open and fair elections to be able to vote into office ethical, upstanding, highly-principled candidates, who are intent on working on behalf of their constituents rather than their own financial enrichment, for all legislative offices. Visit the website Open Debate New York, .  

                                           - - -

   The Nation Magazine published a blog by Richard Kim in which he reports that “on February 17, 2009 Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City refused to accept food stamp money from Obama’s stimulus package,” but the next day Mayor Bloomberg stated that he would be using 45 million   dollars to re-educate his financial investor associates in these times of great economic need, the same investors who created the economic debacle.

   This citizen has not heard a word about this outrageous decision from the networks. This is a story that should be reported and developed on the networks for several weeks, right up till the next mayoral election. Visit , and search for the blog titled  “Bloomberg: Wrong Mayor, Wrong City, Wrong Time.”  The Nation always has in-depth reports that are never heard on network news. Citizens need many sources from which to gather the facts.

    The New York Times covered the story this way:   and

   Another News Bulletin not discussed, but needed, on television newscasts is the story written in the February 19, 2009 edition of Our Town by Dan Rivoli titled “State of the Borough President.”  According to the article Mayor Michael Bloomberg plans to change the City Charter to eliminate the Borough Presidents’, and the Community Boards’, involvement in the land-use process. Manhattan’s Borough President, Scott Stringer, states ”land use and zoning is where the Borough President can have a meaningful impact.”

Please visit  and  for an idea of how this may work. Citizens/voters are urged to inquire and lobby elected officials in this regard to protect citizen’ rights now, and into the future.


   This should be of concern to all five Borough Presidents,

all the Community Boards, and all residents/voters of the five boroughs. This seems an attempt by the Bloomberg administration to do an end-run around the Open Meetings Law by which all New York State Communities and residents/voters benefit. The New York City Department of Buildings’ new procedure verifies this opinion

   Citizens/residents/voters of New York City are urged to lobby to protect their rights as to what may be built in their community. The New York City Department of Buildings is instituting a new procedure: It is now the citizens’/communities’ responsibility to speak up and contact the Buildings Department within 30-days of the beginning of questionable building in their neighborhood. Television news programmers are urged to report this story extensively. Visit .

                                       - - -              

2012 Elections

   The Presidential Primary Election is April 24, 2012

     Voters must be registered by March 30, 2012 in order to    vote in the Presidential Primary. 

     The Congressional Primary is June 26, 2012.

      New York’s Local Primary Election is September 11, 2012.

     The General Election is Tuesday, November 6, 2012.                         

   Learn how to become a candidate.

   Visit the Board of Elections website:  for this information, plus updates, and election results.


    Visit local Board of Elections Offices to view the new voting machines and ballots in order to be prepared for the Primary in New York City.  In Queens, go to 126-06 Queens Boulevard across from the Criminal Court Building; Telephone 718 730-6730; the Board of Elections Office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.  


                                      - - -

The League of Women Voters of the City of New York

      The League actively works with all members of  communities throughout New York City to register new voters so that all are in position to vote in upcoming elections.

     Call on the League for information and support to conduct registration drives in your community at 212 725-3541. 

Registration forms may be picked up at the League Headquarters, 4 West 43rd Street, Suite 615, or in bulk at the Board of Elections in your community.

    Become an organizer for voter registration in your community!


       The League’s website is


                                        - - -   


    NBC News was planning to do something important with a  documentary, according to the February 11, 2009 edition of the New York Times, “On the Trail of War Criminals, NBC News Stirs Up Criticism,” . The title of the article sounded hopeful. Was it aired?


    If all war, and other, criminals are exposed in the future, no matter from where, there will be no criticism from informed viewers. Other networks are encouraged to follow suit with in-depth exposés to inform the citizenry, and by so doing bring about world change for the betterment of all mankind.

   Viewers do themselves a favor by reading many local and international newspapers to learn what is happening locally, and around the world.  It is important to read the hard-copies of as many well-written newspapers as possible, even though some are falling into the luxury category. Most appreciated by readers are the Editorials that speak “truth to power” on behalf of the citizenry.


   At this time, letters written to television leaders are needed urging the improvement of television programming. 


   WLIW 21 PBS Television (72 on the remote) often features starring Lidia Bastianich, with beautiful films of Italian country living. Viewers have learned much from

this wonderful program.  Ms. Bastianich has also posted

before and after photos of the L’Aquila / Abruzzo region

where the earthquake took place. 


   Also on WLIW 21, Jacques Pépin’s culinary skills have been helpful and enjoyed, .

   WNYE 25 Television (76 on the remote) offers extensive, brilliant, International News programming broadcast from

    Belgium - on Saturday evenings.

For supplement,                                                                                                                                                             

   Germany -

    Italy -

    France -  


    Poland - US Polsat News has no website. For supplement, visit  


    And much more on WNYE  . . . such as Wai Lana doing her Yoga exercises early in the morning by the Pacific Ocean. Her outstanding photographers add much to the program. This is  a fantastic way to start the day. Visit .

   WPXN 31 Television (82 on the remote) seems to pick-up re-runs of many different programs.  


                                           - - -

   The mandatory government change to digital from analog signals took place on June 12, 2009. For further details, contact .


                                           - - -

Radio and Websites     99.5 FM   WBAI - Pacifica Radio     99.5 FM   109.5 FM   710 AM   1600 AM  99.5 FM   99.5  93.9 FM Saturday mornings  89.9 FM                                                                            

Reading  Great investigative reporters  

                                      remaining, after the departure of

                                      Wayne Barrett, and Tom Robbins,

                                      are Elizabeth Dwoskin, Nat Hentoff,

                                      Stephen Thrasher, Kevin Baker,

                                      James Lieber, Graham Rayman, and

                                      Harry Siegel


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             “How You Finance Goldman Sachs’

                                        Profits,” by Nomi Prins    Goldman Sachs article by Matt Taibbi:

                                      “The Great American Bubble Machine”   July 2, 2010, by Juan Gonzalez,

                                       “Time for DOE to be Schooled”



                                        June 3, 2010, by Errol Louis,

                                        “People are dying in the streets:

                                         Violence is up in parts of

                                         Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx”    “Senator wants restrictions on

                                             High-Speed Trading,”

                                            by Charles Duhigg, July 24, 2009


                                           “S.E.C. to Seek Ban on Flash

                                            Orders,” August 4, 2009


                                            “At Bloomberg, L.P.”

                                              November 14, 2009, by

                                            Stephanie Clifford & Julie Creswell


                                            “An Unnatural Disaster,” by

                                             Bob Herbert, May 28, 2010

                                            “Losing Our Way,” by

                                              Bob Herbert, March 25, 2011

         Analysis: “The Dash to Flash,”

                                            August 5, 2009